Digital Centerpiece: A Front Row Seat For Everyone

Galas, Fundraisers, Meetings, Weddings and Special Events take on a whole new experience when you are in the front row no matter where you are seated. With real time interactive tablets as a centerpiece, we are taking centerpieces to a next level and putting your guests front and center. 

More than a centerpiece, more than technology. The Digital Centerpiece changes the way people experience an event. Powerful technology combined with a unique software allows you to send content instantly to all the tables. Broadcast your message beyond the stage and reach the entire audience.  

How it works? Our Digital Centerpiece is an acrylic stand that can hold 2 or 3 iPads (depending on the shape and size of the table). With a unique technology we build our own wireless system in order to communicate within the software installed in each iPad. The combination of powerful technology and a customized software allow us to control and to send content either just to ONE device in a specific table or to ALL devices in every table in the room.

  Digital Centerpiece is the next generation in the special event market. Your program material can’t get any closer and the only way to touch more people is by physically shaking their hands. See for yourself, the future is amazing.

Because EVERY Seat Counts


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How many tablets (iPads®) per “round” table?
A: 3 per table.

Q: Are the tablets (iPads®) controllable?
A: Yes, we are able to control each tablet individually. We also can control and operate just ONE tablet in a specific table or ALL tablets in every table in the room.

Q: What can we put on the Digital Centerpieces?
A: Table Numbers, Menus, Program Info, Bidding, Live Auction Slides, PowerPoint Slides, Photos, Sponsor Loops, Success Stories and Testimonials, Future Goals, Upcoming Events, How Donations Make A Difference, Promotional Activities and many more.