Digital Centerpiece: A Front Row Seat For Everyone

More than a centerpiece, more than technology. The controllable Digital Centerpieces change the way people learn, experience and interact at events.

Digital Centerpiece is the next generation in event marketing. Powerful technology creates a customized micro-environment at every table.

 Broadcast your message beyond the stage and reach the entire audience. Capture the essence of personalization. Unique to Digital Centerpieces, is the ability to focus communication directly to each table. Use this function to display; Table Numbers, Menus, Program Info, Bidding, Live Auction Slides, PowerPoint Slides, Photos, Sponsor Loops, Promotional Activities and many more.

  Digital Centerpiece was designed to facilitate the transmission of information across groups of people. Your program material can’t get any closer and the only way to touch more people is by physically shaking their hands.

Because EVERY Seat Counts


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How many tablets (iPads®) per “round” table?
A: 3 per table.

Q: Are the tablets (iPads®) controllable?
A: Yes, we are able to control each tablet individually. We also can control and operate just ONE tablet in a specific table or ALL tablets in every table in the room.

Q: What can we put on the Digital Centerpieces?
A: Table Numbers, Menus, Program Info, Bidding, Live Auction Slides, PowerPoint Slides, Photos, Sponsor Loops, Success Stories and Testimonials, Future Goals, Upcoming Events, How Donations Make A Difference, Promotional Activities and many more.

Q: What is the best media format for the Digital Centerpieces?
A: The media should be 1024 pixels x 768 pixels (4:3 aspect ratio) in a JPEG format.

Q: Can we play LIVE video?
Not at this time because of the delay, but we are working on it.

Q: Do you provide techs to run the tablets? 
A: Yes, we provide an IT tech & a Graphics tech. 

Q: Can I use the Digital Centerpiece and a floral arrangement?
Yes! Careful consideration was taken during development to design around the spatial needs of dining ware, plates, glasses and and traditional floral centerpieces.

Q: Can the Digital Centerpieces be branded sponsors?
A: Yes, the outer frame is available for branding for an extra charge. Charge depends on the amount of centerpieces.

Q: Is there a minimum Order for the Digital Centerpieces?
A: Yes! 5 Tables.

Q: Do we need the venue to provide internet?
A: No, we set-up our own wireless network.

Q: Do we keep the tablets?
A: No.

Q: Are my clients going to like it?
A: No! They are going to LOVE it! 

Q: Do you have photos I can send to my clients?
A: Yes.

Q: How many locations do you have?
A: We have 2 office locations, San Diego & New York, but we provide the service nationwide. 

Price Range

+ Labor & Trucking
$from 145 to 185/per table
Call Us For More Info: 858 483 2255